Fiction Update/Babblings

I don’t know how I missed posting on Sunday, weird. I wasn’t busy or anything. Though, I have had a whole lot of stuff on my mind over the last few weeks. Things more serious than I care to go into detail about.

So the writing. I told myself I’d post about how my writing is going once every week, but I guess the fact that I haven’t at all sums up my current progress (or lack thereof) rather appropriately. All my work on my novel and my fanfics has screeched to a halt. No progress, no posts.

I’m not proud of this though, especially since it’s now well into January and I told myself I’d get a move on right about now. Now sure, I’ve promised myself a lot of things that I’ve wound up failing to fulfill, but right about now, a part of me feels closer than I’ve ever been before. Closer, like I’m on the tip of a breaking point. I can’t continue on the way things are at this point in my life– sleepless, anxious, brimming with self-doubt, tired of life with so much of it still to go. I feel like I’m going to do it this time, because if I don’t make some headway and achieve a goal or two, I’m going to implode.

Admittedly… this isn’t the first time I’ve felt “close”. But I do think this is the first time I’ve felt like I was actually going to do something about it.

Anyway, here’s the most completely uninteresting thing I’ve done this week: Bake brownies. I found a good brownie recipe on a few months ago. They’re all chewy and delicious with the perfect crust and everything. Unfortunately, they stuck pretty fiercely to the pan the first time around, so this time, I oiled the mess out of the pan. I also doubled the recipe, because the first time around there simply wasn’t enough gooey chocolate goodness for my liking. ;)

Unfortunately, I doubled every ingredient in the recipe except the sugar, since the cocoa I purchased happens to be sweetened. Biiiig mistake. It tastes alright, I suppose, but it’s dry and crumbly and not at all chewy as the first time around. The only thing I can think to attribute this problem to is the reduced sugar– I did everything else the same way I had before. In my most recent experiments with baking I’ve grown a new respect for the saying that baking is an exact science. ‘Tis absolute TRUTH.

Anyway, off to linger on message boards. Peace.


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