Fiction Update

Made wonderful progress on “Looking Glass”, the fic I post on an MJ fanboard I frequent (actually, it’s one of very few I visit these days, and the only one I post at). I posted chapter five, which finally takes a look at the life of one of the three main characters (Brynne, the one caught between her fiance and closest friend).

It took me a little over three months to get that chapter up. At first, I just wasn’t working on it. For some reason, it wasn’t flowing as freely as the first four chapters (which I wrote and posted immediately between October and December– a turnover rate that’s rare for me). Now that I look back that chapter, I can see why– it’s massive! There is so much information and time covered in that chapter that I think to myself, “no wonder I was so reluctant to dive in right away, and no wonder it took me so long to finish once I got started.”

Next chapters are only going to get more complex, so I hope this slowdown isn’t permanent. Months spent between each chapter would be a total pain. Though, I’m pretty sure most of the remaining chapters won’t be quite as long.

In other writing news, I’m working on developing a new idea for a novel. I know that’s strange since I’m still working on my other novel, but this feels like a great idea– it came from a dream. A coherent one, of course. I’m also wondering if it might make a better screenplay, but I haven’t really decided where I’m going with that.

I don’t really know why, but my camera doesn’t seem to like cooperating with iPhoto. I tried to add some recently taken photos and things didn’t quite work out the way I planned. This is actually a completely separate issue from the previous one I was having with iPhoto. I guess I just have to chalk it up the age of this computer. It’s a dinosaur! …Great, hope I didn’t jinx anything… Anyway, I’m going to try the upload again and see if things work better.


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