Fiction Update: Catalyst

Progress report time!

Tremendous progress, I’m proud to say! I’ve finally, finally, finally been making headway with SJL! Yes, that’s the novel project, yesyesyes!

There was something about the way I was feeling during the last update that made me feel particularly frustrated with myself. I realized that for years I have been over-thinking things. Aiming high and so hung up on the potential for failure that I get nowhere. On Monday, I sat down for hours in front of the computer and simply wrote, without thinking.

And man, it felt good.

So over the course of the week, I’m just making it a point to sit down every day and do a little bit on SJL, something, anything.  I remind myself that right now my focus is just to get it all out. I can refine it all later, that’s what editing’s for. It may all be a bit discombobulated right now, but it won’t always be that way. If I don’t sit and write something, then I’ll never have anything to edit.

So having said that, I’m off to get in my required time spent with the project.


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