Fiction Update: Change of Setting

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should try getting my five-or-more pages a day of novel work done on a laptop, rather than on the aging desktop computer. I think it would simply be more comfortable for me, and that’s honestly kind of a big deal. It’s one thing that keeps me in bed early in the morning instead of getting up earlier than usual just to fit in my five pages. I stay up late, so sometimes I just can’t get myself up, and I’m unwilling to sit in front of that computer, in the cold room, on a cold chair. Maybe all I need is a change of scenery when attempting to get my work done.

Also been thinking about Looking Glass. Part of the reason I haven’t been working on it is that, again, I’ve been spending a lot more time working on the laptop than on the desktop, where the story is located. I’m going to reread it tonight to get myself back into the mood/mindset, and then pound out chapter six… seven? Six… I think. Wow, I can’t even remember where I left off, that’s sad. I think it’s chapter seven, actually, and it’s a doozy, so that’s probably why I took my little break in the first place (long, detailed chapters can be exhausting). Shame on me.

The only thing I’m concerned about is backing my work up. We’ve got an external drive set up, but it’s connected to the desktop computer (and for a good reason; our desktop could stop working any time now). But I like having an external drive to back my stuff onto immediately, and I don’t think I can do that with the configuration we’ve got set up now. It’d be a pain getting this PC laptop hooked up to that thing, and what if there are weird compatibility issues with the copies I do save? What if I find myself unable to open them in the future, on another computer?

I guess I’d have the same thing to worry about with the copies saved via our desktop, but the desktop is a G4, and I’m planning on buying a Macbook Pro in the future, so on some weird level that makes me less worried.

At the end of the day though, I really just need to get this thing written. I’m desperate at this point. If typing the whole thing up on this laptop is what it’ll take, I’ll do it.

In other news: New crown caps! I’ll post pics later. :)


One thought on “Fiction Update: Change of Setting

  1. Hey, I have to back up the laptop idea. I do my best writing while propped up on the bed. at one point I used to scribble in a notebook and then type up later, but found it a complete waste of what could be good writing time.
    Good look to us both (I am also trying to crack on with a novel right now!)

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