It wins opening!

Okay! So I said I got two new crown caps. They come from a pair of Mexican sodas I purchased for cheap at a nearby Food Maxx. I’ve only opened one thus far, so here it is:

I used Yahoo!’s Babel Fish translator to figure out what “gana destapando” means. I had the feeling that ganar is the infinitive for “to win” (so much for those three years of high school Spanish, right?), but other than that, I was lost. Yahoo! gave me, and I quote, “It wins opening”. Wow. Thank you? I know that not everything translates from language to language all that well, but translating a phrase so literally (or just poorly) that the English phrase loses all meaning is kind of appalling, really. I tried Google Translate and got, “uncovering wins”, which makes about a kajillion times more sense.

Anyway, I dislike purchasing drinks in order to obtain interesting caps, because as I mentioned, I don’t drink soda or alcohol, so I’m not actually interested in what’s inside the bottle. That ultimately becomes a pretty wasteful habit. Plus, it takes all of the adventure and excitement of finding a cap at random on say, a park bench, or a college library carpet.

In case you were wondering, I did drink some of the soda inside, because I can’t bring myself to waste the whole thing, even though I don’t like soda. No matter how cheap they are (they were around sixty-something cents each), I just can’t pour them right out.. They are both supposed to be apple flavored. This Topo Sabores bottle didn’t taste like apple in any way, shape, or form. It tasted and smelled more like cream soda. That’s delicious and all, but it’s not apple. It still tasted about a million times better than the “orange” soda I purchased in order to get my first Topo Sabores cap.

I’ll talk about the other one when I drink it, ha.


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