New Digs/Fiction Update: Actual Progress

So I’ve finally made the big leap from my former location at to this spiffy new place. I am quite satisfied, I have to admit. The only thing I’m missing about my old location is the sans-serif font. There’s something so clean about Arial or Helvetica. No worries, though, that’s incredibly minor and can easily be changed, I’m sure. Otherwise I have no complaints!

About that Fic Update. Usually I breeze over my updates regarding how my novel- and screenplay-writing endeavors are going because I don’t always get a whole lot done. This past couple of weeks though, have been rather productive. I’ve been really thinking about how to mold my screenplay, and about buckling down and pounding out the next chapters of SJL.

I’d continue, but I’m exhausted. I think I mostly wanted to make sure I came in and posted, since it’s been so long.


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