Fiction Update: Tremendous Progress, Extra Fuel in the Tank

Happy Labor Day. Ironically, I’ve been working all day today, although doing nothing I’ll immediately get paid for. If only, right?

Well, as the title says, tremendous progress. Albeit, the progress I’m talking about actually refers to a completely different project I’m working on (a tv screenplay), not progress regarding any of my own personal writing.

“Oh no!”, you say– or at least I imagine you saying, for the sake of my own silly satisfaction. “But what about your own novel and screenplay! Have they gone neglected yet another week…”

To which I actually respond, Well, yeah, unfortunately…

“…will they continue to be so over the next week? What happened to moving forward? What happened to your…”

A dramatic pause, a flailing of an arm over your forehead…*


And to that I say, still going strong, I promise. In fact, I feel particularly motivated when I’ve had really productive days like today, so the next couple of days should reveal me writing up a storm.

I spent a lot of time editing that tv screenplay (six hours, almost straight through. I somehow didn’t notice the time fly), and between that and beta reading a friend’s fanfic, I’m starting to think I could get paid for editing. Ha. In the meantime, friends and family get no charge.

Beta reading has actually turned out to be a really rewarding and fun process. She’s writing purely for the fun of it, but in looking over her work, I am forced to examine how and why I write the way I write. In this particular case, through addressing her work, I’ve thought a lot about what makes a well-written dramatic scene, good character development, how to pace a story effectively, balancing secondary characters, forming subplots, and revealing the meaningful concepts beneath the story’s surface. I figure time spent thinking about the mechanics of writing is time well-spent, and hopefully helping me hone my skills in its own way.

Speaking of fanfic, I’m tempted to spend tonight addressing my short stories (some of which were adapted from fanfiction), even though between my as-of-yet-untitled-screenplay and SJL, I have bigger onion rings to fry. That’s the problem with these small surges of motivation; I feel like I can take on all my ideas at once and burn myself out.

Setting an active goal might actually, oh, I don’t know, maybe help me get things done. With that in mind, I’m going to decide that the first act of my screenplay be done by the next Fic Update (next Sunday). I also aim to be finished with my current chapter of SJL. We’ll see how it goes.


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