Fiction Update: Wow, I’m actually doing this.

I can’t believe how productive the past week or so has been.


Okay, so SJL isn’t moving along as quickly as it should be, seeing as it’s kind of at the top of my list.

Untitled Screenplay

Ah, so let’s see. My characters now have names. Joy! It took me entirely too long to figure out what those kids’ names are. I’m fairly satisfied with my choices. I would already be knee-deep in plot if I weren’t sitting around making sure to have every single detail ironed out before actually starting. I think the hold up is that I have yet to decide what color my protag’s drapes are. They’ll either be puce or periwinkle. The problem is that I don’t like cutesy color names, but puce is the most hideous sounding color in the world. Other than vomit.

I’m pretty happy with the amount of story details I’ve worked out. I tend to do this by typing to myself about the whole thing. I ramble on and on, figuring out the nuances of a story almost as soon as the keys are beneath my fingertips. It’s probably not the most efficient way to get things done, but it does lay out the whole start-to-finish for me in a way I can easily tweak and play around with.

TV Screenplay

So much done here. I finished the editing job I was doing. It’s not perfect, but it’ll get the job done– changes can always be made. That is, before the cameras are actually rolling.

Oh, and since I’m thinking about screenplays, I want to point out something that totally irritates me about them (particularly tv screenplays): formatting. I’m not talking about the big things regarding how a page of script is organized; character name here in caps, dialogue there just a way’s over, parenthetical this way with a little room left behind.

But little tiny things get to me, like capitalizing major props. I don’t know where I got it in my head that props are capitalized, as are sound effects, camera actions, and other important details (black and white, flashback, montage…). I think it was an issue of Scenario. I can’t shake it though, and while I generally don’t capitalize anything except direction and a character’s name when they are introduced for the first time, I also feel the urge to mention that characters are sitting on a COUCH, holding a BOXCUTTER to open some mystery PACKAGE.

I restrain myself, because I’ve looked at a couple of pro sample scripts here and there and they’re generally pretty unadorned as far as such things go. Nothing but names and some action capitalized. I did see a script somewhere that capitalized character names all the time. And yes, that did send me into another tizzy. Basically, I see rules established and broken everywhere. Should I stick to what the books and mags have told me over the years? What I learned in Dramatic Writing? Or what I read in the real-life pilot I downloaded, which doesn’t even look like the other real-life pilot I downloaded?

I understand that there are differences between a script’s first incarnation and a shooting script. From what I understand, the first draft of a script can be approached very laxly– the point is to tell the story. It’s not the hugest of huge deals if you run a little long on page length. Just get to the end of the thing, yeah? Yeah.

I’m learning to stop overthinking it. I’ll freak out the day I’m actually pitching something to a studio.

Short Pieces

I know it’s kind of funny, especially since some of my shorter work got its start in the less-than-praiseworthy fanfiction world, but there are segments of my shorter work that I think are some of my best written work in-progress right now. That’s… disturbing, on a level, but it doesn’t have to be that way, not once they’re all done. I’m kind of antsy to get back to work on them, but I don’t feel comfortable doing so until I’ve made major strides with my big three up there.

That’s all for now.


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