Spontaneous Craft Acquisition

So a few days ago, I quite suddenly decided to take up crocheting. It wasn’t completely out of the blue, because I’ve been wanting to learn to either knit or crochet (or both, which has become my long-term goal as far as fabric arts goes).

At my house, there is a blanket on the couch year round. It simply feels wrong for one not to be there. I get so cold. That night, I curled up on the couch reading when I realized my toes were peeking out from beneath the blue blanket I was cocooned in. Lack of toe coverage is a serious, serious problem.

As I sat and read and struggled to keep my toes a comfortable temperature, I began thinking: I don’t really have a blanket these days that I really, really like. The blue one comes close, but it doesn’t always cover my toes. It’s getting colder, too. When I move, I wonder what kind of blankets I would have all to myself. I could try making my own.

Maybe I should try making my own right now. Practice, you know?

And thus, a hobby was born. That night I immediately began watching Youtube how-tos on crocheting for beginners (ah, the wonders of the internet!), and by the next day, I had already begun my own granny square.

Not bad for a first try, right?

The mistakes are woefully apparent, but I don’t mind. In seeing where things went wrong, I figured out how to do things correctly. The yarn you see wasn’t my first choice of color. It’s actually from another project of mine from years ago, and I figured it would be good to practice on before beginning my actual blanket. I don’t know how much further I’m going to get with this square though, because…


…The rest of the “ball” of yarn is completely tangled. Things were okay for a while, but I’ve gotten to a nasty knot, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fix that mess. I may have to cut this practice session short and buy another bundle of practice yarn.

J10, or 6mm.

This is the crochet hook I’m using for the blanket. I picked it on a whim (I know, bad way to approach the situation) because I wasn’t sure what size hook I needed. I learned later that yarn bundles have a hook size suggestion on their labels. Amazingly, I wound up picking the right size hook for the yarn I chose.

See the hook suggestion?

It’s nice yarn, but it’s eight bucks a pop. Even though the wool and acrylic yarns are LOADS less expensive, I won’t use wool, and acrylic rubs me the wrong way– it’s basically plastic fiber, isn’t it? What goes into producing that stuff? By the time I’m done with my handmade blanket, it’s probably going to have cost me the amount a quality store-bought blanket would have.

I’m satisfied though. It smells good. Like the craft store. I could totally curl up on the couch with that.


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