NaNo 2010 Day 1: Already Behind?

Well, today’s the first day of my Nanowrimo-inspired attempt to get the bulk of my novel done in a month’s time. Let’s see where we are, shall we?

Day One

Starting Word Count: 4055

Current Word Count: 4669

Pages Typed Today: about 1

Words Typed Today: 614

Writers’ Block Moments: None, thankfully! Although first sitting down with the work and getting going is always a little arduous. Once I get into the groove, all is smooth sailing.

Late Nights: None yet.

Snippet: Nothing worth posting, frankly.

Notes: I didn’t get started until incredibly late today– around ten pm. I told myself that I’d get up early and knock out a big chunk of text right after my workout and breakfast. Uh, not quite. Even though I was conscious fairly early this morning (for me, anyway), I didn’t actually make any use of my time until afternoon had rolled around. I try to remind myself not to panic, because I tend to have really good days where I can sit for hours and just go and go and go, and completely lose track of time. Even if that doesn’t happen this month (which I doubt, actually), panicking and/or beating myself up won’t get me anywhere.

I actually had to do all my typing in a blank email tonight, as I share a computer and didn’t have access to the one on which my novel sits for most of the evening. I calculated the technical stuff by throwing it in a Word document after I felt it was time to stop writing (11.30). Typing it outside of Word seems to help keep me from fixating on my progress to the point of distraction.

Something important that I should remind myself: I really need to to learn how to stop over-editing as I write. It’s a habit that stems from my hyper-critical inclinations and it slows me down.

In Other News…

Today was World Vegan Day! And incidentally…

…A solid “Hey, thanks!” out there to all the bloggers who are participating in VeganMoFo! Your scrumptious food-bloggery makes for much entertainment for someone who’s spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer wasting time kind of writing penning her novel.


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