NaNo 2010 Day 2: Slow and Steady…

Day Two

Starting Word Count: 4055

Last Word Count: 4669

Words Typed Today: 947

Current Word Count: 5621

Pages Typed Today: 2

Writers’ Block Moments: Eh, today was a slow one. I blanked out for a spell.

Late Nights: None yet.

Snippet: …Hrm. No, I think I’ll pass on that one.

Notes: Aye, this was a tough day. I’m surprised that I’ve only gotten a good three pages worth of work done in two days. I told myself to take it easy and take breaks if necessary, but ultimately the time got away from me. Even though I obviously have the entire novel worked out, and I’ve figured out what needs to happen and when, I still found myself blanking out and stressing about what to approach next. Perhaps this is rooted in my nonlinear approach to writing. I add a little here chronologically, a little there later. I have so much to do that I can’t focus.

Even though I have plenty more time, and I’m frankly disappointed in today’s progress, I’m tired and will call it a night.


One thought on “NaNo 2010 Day 2: Slow and Steady…

  1. My problem with NaNoWriMo is that I try really hard not to edit but I keep going over and over the same parts trying to make them sound better than they do. I guess I should probably just write and forbid myself from editing at this point because I’ll never get anything done.

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