NaNo 2010 Day 3: Getting There

Day Three

Starting Word Count: 4055

Last Word Count: 5616

Words Typed Today: 2343

Current Word Count: 7959

Pages Typed Today: a little over 4

Writers’ Block Moments: None, really, a pretty good day.

Late Nights: None yet. I don’t think I’ll actually have any, as I’m desperately trying to get myself to sleep like a normal human being again. I’m not willing to stay up all night at this point in time.

Snippet: Nope, not tonight. I wonder if I’ll ever actually post a snippet. I tend to keep my work to myself, heh. Aw, what the heck– my favorite two sentences:

Their hands bobbed up and down for a few moments too long before she yanked hers away, worried about making the moment excessively awkward by shaking too vigorously. She then instantly wondered if she’d pulled away too fast and appeared as if she would rather not be palm-to-palm with the man who’d entertained her for ninety minutes.

Notes: Tonight… was good! Wow. Satisfaction. Didn’t expect that, honestly. The previous two nights were like stretching a cold muscle. Unpleasant, high risk of injury. Now I feel warmed up, and I enjoyed the workout I got tonight.

So I’ve figured a few things out in the past three days: 1) the writing process is something I loathe to force or rush. Seriously… it’s kind of torturous. It sucks everything I enjoy about what I do right out of the situation like a sponge. Thinking about a word count is awful. Thinking about page numbers is awful. Stressing about how exactly I’m going to cram in my five pages and when is awful.

However, I do think that’s a sentiment that will pass once I get into the flow of this new approach, which includes getting used to abiding by the number one rule of NaNo: don’t think too dang hard about it. Just write. Let go, and just. Write. Write badly, if you must. I have the odd feeling that once my progress starts to truly add up, I won’t dwell on thoughts like those anymore. My focus will move to simply getting the story that’s been bottled up inside me out onto the page.

2) I work best in the evening. Yesterday, the one day I’ve tried to knock out my quota early in the morning/afternoon, has turned out to be my least productive thus far (at least in terms of the way I felt). Judging from how I feel sitting in front of my computer in the morning versus anytime after five, I’d say that’s something I can depend on being a regular truth for me, not just a fluke.

3) Writing in a blank email document is the way to go for me. It really helps keep me from fixating on numbers. I just do what I have to do, and to a certain degree I forget about the more complicated backdrop my writing is taking place within. When I feel like I’ve done enough, I stop. If I’m short few hundred words, I don’t get bent out of shape about it. Tomorrow is another day.

4) The process of getting into writing regularly again is reviving my interest in a story I had actually lost my zest for. I still knew I would write it, I just wasn’t sure if I would get excited about it like I used to. After tonight, I’m finding myself looking forward to all of the plot points and tiny details that excited me years ago when I was first crafting this story. This is monumentally rewarding.


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