NaNo 2010 Day Six: Slamming on Brakes

Day Six

Starting Word Count: 4055

Last Word Count: 11,123

Words Typed Today: 463

Current Word Count: 11,586

Pages Typed Today: 1

Writers’ Block Moments: Ugh. Not a serious one, not a complete stall or anything. Today was a bit weird though.

Late Nights: None yet, and hopefully none ever.

Snippet: Nope, not tonight.

Notes: I got up early today and spent most of the day out. I spend my Saturdays with my sister and niece. We go to the farmers’ market, run some errands, stop by the park, enjoy driving on a nice day, have some lunch. I didn’t get home until four and though I fought the urge to sleep, I had a seat on the couch and promptly fell unconscious.

When I finally sat down to write around five, I couldn’t concentrate. I knew exactly what I wanted to write today, and was even excited about writing it, but I never picked up any speed. I read a little. I listened to music (which is bad idea– I get completely lost in music. There goes a few hours). I watched a concert on tv. Eight o’clock rolled around. I actually had to leave to pick up my mom at the airport. Got home around ten.

I tried to keep going though, desperately. I got home and immediately sat back down to write. It didn’t help that I was working on a ludicrously slow laptop. Type a few words, browser stops responding. Type, stop, type, stop. Drove me insane. Need to get that thing cleaned up. I switched computers, then by eleven figured out that I was just tired.

Repeating the mantra for the month: tomorrow is another day.

Also, at least now I know that I should generally get at least some portion of my Saturday writing done early, since I clearly have issues getting it done once I’m back home later.



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