NaNo 2010 Day 8: Working Towards Halfway… Tomorrow.

Starting Word Count: 4055

Last Word Count: 14,698

Words Typed Today: 51

Current Word Count: 14,749

Pages Typed Today: Hahahaha.

Writers’ Block Moments: None, because I really didn’t write today.

Late Nights: 0

Snippet: Impossible tonight.

Notes: So obviously, I got distracted today. That’s mostly because I spent the time I’d set aside writing to review my notes from past incarnations of this novel. And wasting time, but that’s beside the point.

Despite what has been essentially a waste of a day, I’ve set up an interesting goal within my larger goal. I’m going to try to reach the 25,000 word mark, or halfway, by the 12th. That’s about eleven thousand more words. How I will manage to do that despite being unable to sit in front of a computer literally all day is beyond me, but I’d like to try, just to see if I can do it. It’s more for fun’s sake than anything else. Playing games with the process helps keeps me going.

I did some other reading today that made me giggle. I looked through some of my old diaries. I’ve been keeping handwritten diaries since I was, oh maybe nine. That adds up to about twenty of them. I still keep one to this day. I think it’s number twenty-one or two. Anyway, I flipped through them, and in the same box in which I keep my diaries, I also keep hundreds of pages of handwritten fiction. I found a notebook in there from my mid-to-late teens and got lost in my old stories. Even at that self-conscious time, I still wrote more easily than I do today. There was a certain ease and confidence about what I was doing. Maybe it came from the fact that I knew no one would ever see it.

Anyway, it proved to be healthy motivation. Even though I wrote all of two sentences today, I’m itching to get the heart of this literary artichoke. Things are starting to get good, and I can’t wait to be up to my elbows in it.


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