NaNo 2010 Day 18: Doldrums

Starting Word Count: 4055

Last Word Count: 17,459

Words Typed Today: 616

Current Word Count: 18,075

Pages Typed Today: a little over 1

Writers’ Block Moments: None really.

Late Nights: 0

Snippet: None today.

Notes: In a weird way, watching my NaNo progress over this past month must be a little like watching me unravel.

Anyway, I wrote the bulk of my progress on paper, because I didn’t spend much time on a computer today. I really should just forget about how I feel when I write in the morning and do it then anyway, just to ensure that I get anything done at all. By nine-thirty, ten, it seems I’m already checking out mentally.

I’m in an unhappy place with my progress right now, but I’m thinking that will change once I’m done with those notes and feel I can properly resume my writing. I’m now behind on the halfway point mark, but hey, it’s still November.


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