Fiction Update: What’s been going on?

Wow, lots of time away. This update’s purpose is exceedingly simple. This is a quick check-up on all my projects’ progress. And believe it or not, there has indeed been some.

First and foremost comes my screenplay, which has finally been tentatively named “Action”. It’s been getting a lot of attention, and I’ve finally gotten myself into a schedule (and sleep patterns) that give me the opportunity to work on it at least once a day. I mentioned a while back that I’d finally given my characters names, but now I’m pleased to say that I finally feel that their personalities, motivations, and entire lives have begun to wield some weight, if that makes any sense. They feel real, and I enjoy crafting their story.

My novel, SJL, has been largely neglected as of late, for obvious reasons. My collection of short stories, on the other hand, is at least being thought about and vaguely organized.

That’s about it for now!


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