Still tinkering on back here. Currently working on a pair of short stories, primarily to prevent writing muscle atrophy.  I find that I write more when the pressure that comes with saying, “This is my novel” is turned off. The actual novel is at rest for now, mostly to let other ideas bounce around, but the screenplay is doing well. So yes, I am actually progressing, if slowly.

Generally have at least a few plans for blog entries but always somehow forget to post on my designated Sundays/Thursdays and I don’t like posting on off days– obviously I made an exception for today. I actually got started on a piece I wanted to share here, but then became (rather characteristically) shy about it.

I like taking photos, and would share them here regularly if I could, but part of the long quiet phase is due to the fact that my digital camera is actually broken. The lens stopped retracting after an accident a few months ago, meaning no images from my wanderings, collecting, or meals to share.

Amazingly, that’s what killed my first camera, too. It’ll be a long while before I can afford a new one, especially since I told myself that my next camera would be a major upgrade– one with a detachable lens, for starters. The only thing I miss about the old camera was that, memorably, my sister and I purchased it on a plane somewhere over the Mediterranean during our London/Nigeria/New York trip two years ago. It was pretty good quality for the circumstances.

Interests are doing alright. Haven’t gotten a new cap in a while. I saw a six pack of some exotic beer My crocheting is at a slowdown, but still intend to finish that cotton blanket. Didn’t plan on doing any major gardening this year, but now I wish I had. I did get another complimentary Early Girl plant on my doorstep, though– I’m definitely taking care of it. My only goal is to have a larger tomato yield than I did last year– meaning, more than three.

Wish I could say I did something interesting yesterday specifically for Earth Day, but didn’t plan well enough. I spent the day at home with the niece, which was fun in its own way, but I wish I’d used the opportunity to celebrate with her. I thought about taking that tomato starter out with her so we could plant it together– that would have been vaguely appropriate– but I refrained.

That’s about all for now!


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