It’s for my benefit. Really.

Honest question: is it okay to put up a bibliography of work for yourself even if some (most? almost all?) of the work is still in progress, and none of the work is published?

Just wondering.

Anyway, last night I was agitated in much the same way I’d been the night/morning before. The only difference was that I acted like a big girl and went to bed at a reasonable time. Didn’t stop me from waking up at odd hours. Twelve, four. It’s like my subconscious was telling me, “Aren’t we usually awake at this hour? Wait, are you doing that ‘acting normal’ thing again? …Good luck with that.”

I’m in the process of channeling this frenetic energy into something meaningful, but the universe doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as my mind wants it to. I’m caught between an  uncharacteristic satisfaction with my material and a strange frustration in my inability to get it out fast enough. My page count, word count, words per minute are all just not enough for me. This means that next time I post it may or may not be something on the more fictional end of the spectrum. More likely, it might just mean that I’ll put up that bibliography, for purely motivational and/or self-indulgent reasons. Maybe if I make them visible, tangible in that way, then they’ll all actually kind of happen.

*cough*And because I’ve always been good at fantasizing about achievements I haven’t quite achieved.


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