Real life changes the plot? Also, Nanowrimo!

Very serious question I’ve been pondering: What do you do when a real-life personal tragedy mirrors the fictional tragedy occurring in the work you are composing?

For example: a character passes away in a very specific kind of car accident. Then, a close friend’s family member passes away in an eerily similar, if not identical car accident.

You can’t just change things, not now. Can you? Are you obligated to, out of politeness?  This sort of incident brings up tons of questions I have regarding showing sensitivity while depicting tragedy, especially if there’s a possibility that it could hit closer to home for than you ever anticipated. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no answers.

Also: today is the first day of November, which means a number of writers are embarking on the difficult task of finishing an entire novel by the end of the month. I’ve never participated in Nanowrimo officially, although as the tags indicate I’ve used it as an opportunity to try completing one of my novels. Go ahead and check those out if you’re interested in reading the chronicles of a writer slowly unraveling, you know, if you need inspiration in a vaguely schadenfreudey kind of way. This year will be much more relaxed. Since I’ve been writing everyday anyway, I’ll try to stay current and update on progress when necessary. Good luck to everyone participating!


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