Feeling like marmalade on toast.

I’m spread soooo thin. I need to… I don’t know. Stop freaking out about the workload.

I have to have mentioned this somewhere in a previous post, but man, I have a lot of projects running at once. Here’s a glimpse of what we’re dealing with here:

  1. Doing research for a doc.
  2. Multiple (!) novels, the most highly prioritized ones being the following three: a) SJL, my oldest and most complete one, despite being far from finished; b) 485 Days (that’s the shortened title actually), with the unintentional author-insert protagonist I mentioned a couple days ago; c) Funny Little Man, about a twenty-something guy working to get his life together (oh look everyone, I think I’ve got a theme going).
  3. A probably-never-going-to-happen webseries that I’m wholly and inexorably smitten with. I can’t stop thinking about it even when I know I should work on other stuff. (UGH, I love these characters to death.) This is what’s eating most of my work time.
  4. One screenplay, and a couple of screenplay-esque something or others.
  5. A handful of short stories (some finished, most in progress) that I’d eventually like to put together in a collection.
  6. A partridge in a pear tree (I know you saw that joke coming, but it would have been disappointing if I hadn’t made it, right? Right?).

It’s ridiculous, I know. Ridiculous and unsustainable. “Do it all at once” is not a good way to approach anything. Ever. In life. At all. Ever.

And amazingly, that list is actually still excluding a lot of material that I intend to get back to eventually.

I spend a lot of writing time just clicking through my folders, thinking, “Well, they all look good. In a list.” But they’re all unfinished, and it drives me nuts. I can’t concentrate on one project at a time because I’m thinking about all the other unfinished stuff I’ve got in the queue. I click and fiddle around doing a little here, a little there, but not a whole lot anywhere.

Several months ago I sat down and made a weekly chart. I worked out days and times to work on every single piece. I tacked it to the wall beside my computer. Then I ignored it completely.

Does anyone have any good advice for learning to take things one step at a time and to focus?

And for not screwing up bullets/numbers/indents in the post editor, because seriously guys, why did formatting that list take me at least twenty minutes to get right?  It’s still not quite how I wanted either.

Next post, surely: anyone have good advice on how to stop complaining? here, have more complaints


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