Who are some of these people you’re mentioning?

“Mom”, “Dad”, and “Sis” are apparent, I’m sure. “BIL” is my brother-in-law, and “Itty-Bitty” is my niece, and I have a nephew I call “Birdie”. I also have an uncle, aunt, and cousins that live within driving distance.

What’s “SJL”?

That’s the abbreviation for Special Jazz Live, which is the working title for a novel I’ve currently shelved. Your working title is ew, you say. There’s a story behind that title. Maybe I’ll put it up sometime, when I’m less inclined towards secretive, cryptic nonsense.

What’s the difference between the Fiction Update and Creative Writing labels?

“Fiction Updates” are specifically for charting my progress with whatever work I’ve got going on. “Creative Writing” is for posts that I intended to be writing and not about my writing. I recently added “Writing in General”, which is exactly what it sounds like, musings on the writing process.

Why do you take all your pictures in your backyard?

It gets the best light. That is all.

What kind of flowers are those in your banner?

I’m not sure. I took that picture on a trip to Nigeria in summer 2009. Those flowers were growing in my aunt’s front yard, near her gate.


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